Louisa Bushey

Louisa is our Customer Service and Finance Manager. She joined the company in 1997 when it was still house in Linda's den and family room and helped us transition to the office building and now to an entirely virtual company.

Louisa can help you find a resource that meets your needs, answer questions and resolve financial issues -- she also know how to track down the rest of the staff if you need to talk with one of them! When you call, you might get a chance to meet Pepper, her puppy who is quickly learning how to pick the best education programs and will be glad to recommend his favorites!

Louisa lives in Northampton, MA, is a member of St. John's Episcopal Church. Her daughter is Claire, an artist who has created and designed some logos for us and who, when she was much younger, worked in our print/pack/ship department. Claire was in J2A and Louisa served as the logistics coordinator for St. John's J2A program so she's experienced J2A from all sides.