Journey to Adulthood (J2A)

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The Journey to Adulthood is a complete youth ministry program of spiritual formation for 6th-12th grades. It encourages relational ministry and uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries and both serious and playful activities to underscore the two guiding principles of the program: 1) Manhood and womanhood are free gifts from God; and 2) Adulthood must be earned.

J2A is a downloadable resource offered to churches and schools on an annual membership basis. There are three two-year segments included in the program:

Rite-13: The first two years (Grades 6-7 or 7-8) celebrate the individuality of each young teen and their creative potential, while exploring Biblical stories of God and God's people. The Rite-13 liturgy (Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood) is the community expression of this and serves as a rite of passage from childhood towards adulthood.

J2A: The next segment (Grades 8-9 or 9-10) helps teens create and understand the importance of Christian community as they develop critical thinking and other skills they will need in adulthood.  The end of J2A is marked with a spiritual pilgrimage that is often a life-changing experience for the group.

YAC: This mentor-based program helps older teens (11th and 12th graders) discern and carry out a ministry within their church or in the larger community. Vocation and development of a personal credo are also emphasized. A final rite of passage sends them out into the world as ambassadors of Christ.

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J2A is based on the principles of relational youth ministry. It assumes that at least two or three adults (of both genders) will be leaders for each of the three groups and that these leaders will only serve for two years before taking a "break." This engages many more adults in building relationships with youth and providing positive role models for them. The traditional youth ministry model of a single youth "guru" (paid or volunteer) depends on the personality of that individual -- and when he/she leaves, the youth program often collapses. J2A is designed to engage lots of adults in nurturing the youth of your congregation and community. It is designed to bring young people into full participation in the life of the congregation so they actually ARE the church of today instead of the church of the future!

A J2A membership includes six years of program materials downloadable from the website, program additions, access to other J2A congregations through online forums and more!

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Congregations become J2A members and are billed annually for their membership fee. We recommend congregations use a discernment process as they decide whether or not to use this program. We ask that congregations make a commitment to use the program for three years because we know that it takes most congregation that long before the program is established and working well. The temptation is to quit after the first year or so presents challenges -- so the request for a three year commitment is to ensure that you get to the point where you can see how J2A really works. We can count on congregations "getting it" about the middle of the third year. After that, most congregation use J2A successfully for many years. However, we do not want to minimize the effort needed to get the program started especially since it asks for a much higherinvestment from the congregation than just hiring or recruiting a single youth leader.

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